Comportement des utilisateurs

With all the data available today, it’s no wonder many sites are using artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze and improve their user experience. Indeed, with the growth of community platforms, more and more sites are adopting AI to help them increase visits and engagement rates. Such efforts are nothing new.

However, what is different today is the number of sites that are becoming known for their robust user experience. This is because these sites have fast-loading pages as well as simple and smooth navigation. These sites have quality content that engages users on an individual level, instead of trying to take control of their readers’ feeds or bombard them with countless ads (and you know those ads drive people away from your content).

What is user behavior?

Users are people who consume content on websites. What people do when they visit your site is called user behavior. User behavior can be defined as “the actions people take when they visit a website”. Users may scroll through your site’s promotional content, ignore your blog’s ads, or visit your site for the first time and never leave. If a user isn’t interested in your content, you’ve lost that connection.

Why is user behavior important?

First, let’s explain the importance of user behavior. When someone visits your site for the first time, a large percentage of those visitors are looking for information. So it’s essential to capture your user’s attention and entice them to click on your links or read your content so they can learn more. If users visit your site and leave just as quickly, you have failed in your mission. It’s important to note that you don’t have to click on every link or watch every video to successfully analyze user behavior. What is essential is that the user clicks on your site in the first place, and that’s why user behavior analysis is designed to help you.

How do you analyze user behavior on your site?

Data is the backbone of businesses. The more data companies collect, the more they observe user behavior. It is therefore essential that companies start collecting the necessary data to help them understand their target audience (as for example Google Analytics or Piwik). Analyzing user behavior on your site involves collecting and analyzing the following data points:

  • What is the user’s location?
  • What are the operating systems of the device?
  • What are the user’s browser prerequisites?
  • What is the user’s time of day?
  • What is the user’s language?
  • What are the hardware and software components of the user’s device?
  • How long has the user been on your site?
  • How often do they visit your site?
  • What other sites are they currently visiting?
  • How long have they been reading/visiting your posts/comments?
  • Are they new or existing visitors?

Use A/B testing to understand user behavior

While analyzing user behavior is important, it’s not perfect. Sometimes you will find yourself in situations where you don’t know what the right answer is. In these cases, you can use A/B testing to help you understand which option your visitors prefer.

An A/B test involves running two versions of your site to help you discover which version performs better on which device, as well as any other conditions that might affect the test results. This method is ideal for helping your business understand the behavior and attitude of your audience towards your brand.

Grow your site with your audience

While analyzing user behavior can be a great way to understand your audience, it’s not always necessary. In fact, if you don’t have any information at all, you’ll have a much harder time developing your site. How do you develop your site if you don’t know who it’s for? Do you know how to develop your business if you don’t know who your customers are? How do you develop your team if you don’t know why they are there? By not knowing your audience, you can’t know how to provide value to them. So knowing your audience is essential!


While it’s important to understand user behavior, it’s not the only element that affects a site’s performance. You also need to consider the quality of your content and how easily visitors find it. To maximize the potential of your data, you must analyze it carefully and use it wisely. By understanding your visitors and their behavior, you can create more engaging content that keeps your readers coming back.

To analyze your site’s user behavior as well as improve your retention, your growth hacking agency is here to help!

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