SXO, it’s not the latest Cognac Super XO, but the optimal method to achieve your site. Indeed, the SXO or Search eXperience Optimization allows optimizing your website. It promotes its presence in search engines while improving the user experience. It is a strategy mixing UX with SEO, but why? Is this the end of UX design or SEO as we know it?

SXO, a new strategy

The SXO is a total modification of the design of a site since it is necessary, from the beginning, to perceive the visitors’ expectations. We won’t go over the necessity of creating and using personas here. We must also take into account the different expectations of search engines. Thus, the boundaries between developers, graphic designers, and SEOs are becoming increasingly tenuous. Moreover, SXO requires joint work in all moments of the creative process.
Moreover, as Google is taking more and more into account the user experience, this paradigm shift is becoming a necessity. We must no longer create websites based solely on search engines (by optimizing only the referencing), but rather place the user at the center of its founding approach. By developing the user experience, conversions (and even sales) can be increased tenfold.

Optimal use of UX in SXO

The UX (or user experience) is the key to a modern website, which will adapt perfectly to your expectations and those of your users. This strategy will keep your users on your site and will lower your bounce rate. This rate is one of the main indicators used by search engines to determine the relevance of a site. A low rate is therefore an excellent point for your SEO.
But this strategy only plays on a part of the levers allowing an effective referencing of your site. Thus, it is always necessary to implement all SEO techniques.

Without omitting a good dose of SEO

SXO cannot do without SEO which is a direct emanation. In fact, SXO is an improvement. Thus, whether in the choice of keywords or in the realization of optimized texts through the use of semantic cocoons, traditional SEO is a fundamental component.
Indeed, search engines always want to know what your texts are about, and what your images represent, … It is then necessary to help them by optimizing your site to the maximum (in compliance with the various guidelines of search engines).


Thus the addition of UX design and SEO within the SXO allows you to obtain a site that will satisfy both your users and the various search engines. The SXO will therefore boost the traffic to your site.

Our growth hacking agency will accompany you in the implementation of your SXO strategy, or even create your website in compliance with all the best practices. Don’t hesitate to contact us for your digital communication or for us to set up a growth hacking strategy!

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