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Digital communication

Digital communication is the key to enabling the rapid development of your company.
Thanks to it, you will reach your prospects more easily by quickly transforming them into customers.
Richard Bulan accompanies you in setting up all the tools and best practices for effective communication.

Social Media Marketing

Implementing a real acquisition strategy on networks and social media helps to develop your visibility and your employer brand. We recommend that you set up a real Social Media Marketing strategy to win new prospects and customers within the various social networks in line with your business.

Website design

Space where you can present yourself, sell your products,... thanks to a perfectly optimized site that meets your expectations. We support you from the definition of your need for the delivery and its realization. We can also help you promote your referencing on the various search engines, or even to offer you sponsored links on Google or Bing.

Creation of emailing campaigns

Having an email database is good, but you still have to know how to use it wisely. Thus, it is necessary to master the techniques and codes necessary for this practice to bear lasting fruit. We put all our skills at your service to deliver a quality campaign whether in an outbound or inbound marketing strategy.

Realization of a chatbot

A chatbot (especially on Messenger) will answer in your place and especially immediately to those who want to know more about your services and products bringing a serious advantage to your company. We support you throughout its design, from its initial phase to its implementation, so it perfectly matches your company's DNA.

Growth hacking

Growth hacking is the set of methods derived from the world of start-ups, that generate rapid growth for the structure that uses it.
It divides growth into 5 tiers: acquisition, activation, retention, recommendation and revenue (AARRR).
Richard Bulan will assist you to set up the techniques and tools necessary for the rapid development of your digital activity (whether on a specific level or on all)


The acquisition is the ability to create qualified traffic to your site. To do this, we will use both short- and long-term measures.
We will use the SEO, the SEA, the campaigns on social networks or inbound marketing.
By using our services, your site will be seen and visited!


Activation is about giving your visitors a very satisfying first experience. The goal here is to create the effect "wahou" to permanently (and positively) mark the visitor's mind.
An optimization strategy usually takes place over a long period of time, as it results from an iterative principle.
When you call on us, you ensure a "Wow" effect!


Your visitors, after marveling at your site, continued their wandering on the web, leaving your site.
Retention is the art of bringing visitors back by implementing coherent strategies and action plans. By using us, you are guaranteed to have the most modern technics to remind your visitors of the existence of your site!

Recommendation and Revenue

Users, satisfied with your site, must share it, recommend it within their networks, their circles of influence.
It is, therefore, necessary to encourage and facilitate this practice as much as possible.
Revenue does not deserve much explanation, it is the ability to make the user pay by optimizing your sales as well as the number of products in your customers' shopping cart.

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Digital transformation

The digital transformation is necessary for your structure to continue to develop.
It is important to take precautions when you want to perform your transformation.
It is always preferable to use companies, such as ours, that will support you by respecting the DNA and values of your company!

Global digital strategy

Before implementing the various actions necessary for your organization to know its digital transformation, it is necessary to prepare it beforehand. To do this, you ensure that you have a clear plan, responding to specific objectives while carefully respecting your company's DNA.

Let's rethink your organization

The traditional organization of a company is a thousand miles from a digitalized structure. It is necessary to support this movement by respecting the values of your company to allow you to keep your specificities. Each company is unique, so its organisation must also be unique!

Let's adjust your customer experience

The client experience is not a meaningless expression. The customer's uses have changed, digitizing more and more. Thus, it has become necessary to use digital technology for capturing and keeping its customers, sustaining your organization in the long term.

Let us support your dematerialization

Which tool is necessary, depending on your size and specificities, to reduce the number of documents and simplify the processes? Do you need to create specific or even tailor-made software? What means are available for securing your data in a sustainable way? We will be pleased to assist you with questions you may have.


After several years of international experience in digital transformation, Richard Bulan has put his skills at the service of tiny and medium-sized companies.

Thus, upon his return to France, he accompanied a tiny company in the health sector (Atelier Creation JF) on all its digital issues (website, SMM, growth,...). He then accompanied various companies, including the start-up Jacoop in its development process by pursuing other projects in parallel.

Among these projects, he carries out several SEO training courses for Seolius, then accompanies a market place specialized in crypto-currencies for the development of its SEO.

Knowing both the business world, whether it is that of start-ups and companies (straddling crafts and industry), with several international experiences, he can support you in all your projects and whatever the size of your structure.

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