AB tests

Consumers are increasingly empowered to make informed purchasing decisions based on user experiences. Added to this are decisions based on trusted opinions, insights and recommendations. As a result, decision-making has been made easier. For an ever greater optimization of the customer journey, AB tests become necessary. In addition, in order to remain relevant and accountable to their customers’ trust, companies must be able to prove that they have tested many aspects of their business to find what works best. Companies typically test various marketing channels and landing pages before implementing a new campaign or website.

This testing helps identify what works well so that it can be redeployed in future marketing campaigns. Companies that don’t test often struggle to track performance across channels, understand the key challenges they face, and consistently improve. Teams that aren’t adept at AB testing also have a harder time identifying the changes they need to make to accelerate their business growth.

Why is AB testing necessary?

Marketers and businesses often test their digital campaigns to identify the best performing content and channels. However, when you test your site or emails, you are also testing one of the most important parts of your business: your conversion process. If you can’t figure out what’s causing your customers to convert poorly, you’re wasting your time and money.

Also, since every business is unique, what works well for one may not work for another. So it’s essential to test your entire site flow, across your entire acquisition tunnel. By evaluating the stages of your flow, you’ll be able to identify where you’re having the most difficulty. You can then make changes to your process to solve the problem and improve your overall conversion rate.

How to conduct an effective test

When it comes to running AB testing campaigns, you need to make sure you’re testing the right things and in the right places. Here are some tips for running successful testing campaigns.

Identify the right testing channels

Before you start testing your site or marketing channels, you need to identify the right channels to test. You’ll want to test a variety of channels to discover which one(s) work best.

Choose the right type of AB tests

It’s important to choose the right type(s) of tests to run. To find out what works best, you can run simple AB tests, multivariate tests or path-based tests. All of these types of tests have different strengths and weaknesses and can help you find what works best.

Develop your AB test plan

You need to develop a test plan so you know what you are doing and why. You can research and learn a lot from AB testing. However, if you don’t have a basic plan, you’ll be improvising and you won’t get any real results.

The importance of AB testing reports

So, you can test many things, but you won’t know which ones work until you gather and analyze data. To create a clear ROI and determine what changes to make in the future, you need to know what has worked well in the past. You can’t make changes to your business if you don’t know where it is now. To fully understand your business, you need to track all the metrics associated with your online sales, conversions and customer satisfaction.

In order to track these metrics, you need to designate one or more team members to be responsible for managing the data. If you don’t have a way to report and analyze the data, you’ll have a hard time identifying problems or making changes.

What type of testing should you do?

There are many types of AB tests you can perform to determine what content, site design, channels and landing pages work best for your business. Each type of test has its own advantages and disadvantages. It’s up to you to choose the one that is most relevant to your business.

Path-dependent testing

This type of testing focuses on one key question, “What happens when we change this?”

Multivariate testing

This type of testing focuses on a variety of variables to find the best set of variables to change.

AB Simple tests

This is the most common type of test and can be run on any landing page or marketing channel you have. This is a variation of path-based testing, where you try to determine which variation wins.

Conclusion: Learn from your AB tests

When running any kind of marketing campaign or test, you need to learn from each test. This means analyzing which tests performed best and why, collecting data to see where you’re struggling the most, and using what you learn to plan for the future.

If you can learn from your tests, you’ll have a clear idea of what works best in your business. You can use this knowledge to make changes and track the results to ensure your efforts are having an impact. Once you’ve made adjustments and determined what works best, you can use this knowledge to forecast future growth. This will allow you to be more strategic in your growth and identify the changes you need to make to achieve your growth goals.


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