Develop your online business quickly, 5 tips

Growth hacking

Having a strong online presence is essential for any business these days. With the ease of connecting to the Internet, businesses of all types are flocking to it. And, with the abundance of websites, businesses have many options when it comes to marketing their business. However, with so many businesses out there, it can be […]

6 September 2022

Growth Hacking: 10 techniques to boost conversions

Growth hacking

What does the term growth hacking mean? What does the term growth hacking mean? Growth hacking has grown to be a buzzword in advertising circles, however many nonetheless don`t recognize what increase hacking is or why it works. By doing growth hacking, you’ll be taking paths less traveled so you can get a head start […]

16 July 2022

Growth hacking, for whom?

Growth hacking

This question comes up quite regularly in the various exchanges we can have with entrepreneurs. Is the implementation of the various growth hacking techniques only reserved for a specific typology of the company? Does the structure have to have any prerequisites? Is growth hacking reserved for the most digitalized structures? So many questions, so many […]

4 June 2022

Youtube: Improve your visibility

Digital communication, Growth hacking

Recently, we were asked to take care of the development of a YouTube channel. The objective is to create a community so it is useless to remind the necessity to have an optimal idea of the target (via the personas technique). This knowledge allows you to create quality content. It is then necessary to broadcast […]

2 June 2022

SXO: its mastery will boost your site

Digital marketing, Growth hacking

SXO, it’s not the latest Cognac Super XO, but the optimal method to achieve your site. Indeed, the SXO or Search eXperience Optimization allows optimizing your website. It promotes its presence in search engines while improving the user experience. It is a strategy mixing UX with SEO, but why? Is this the end of UX […]

31 May 2022

Chatbot: interests and uses?

Digital marketing, Growth hacking

Chatbots are new technological gadgets to communicate with customers via the web. Real demand is emerging. Nevertheless, one should not rush on them by using them wrongly. Indeed, the chatbot must be the result of a real reflection and not a simple marketing tool. To conceive the whole issue, it is necessary to know what […]

24 May 2022