Chatbot: interests and uses?

Digital marketing, Growth hacking

Chatbots are new technological gadgets to communicate with customers via the web. Real demand is emerging. Nevertheless, one should not rush on them by using them wrongly. Indeed, the chatbot must be the result of a real reflection and not a simple marketing tool. To conceive the whole issue, it is necessary to know what […]

24 May 2022

Programmatic advertising, a bright future?

Communication digitale, Growth hacking

Programmatic advertising is the essence of modern internet advertising. It has totally entered the mores of marketing professionals. In fact, by 2021, programmatic advertising should be used by 90% of advertisers, while 75% are already using it…(Source) 88% of these advertisers want to increase their investments. Just by seeing these figures, it is easy to […]

1 May 2022

NFT and Marketing

Growth hacking

More and more organizations are using non-fungible tokens to develop their communication and reach new targets. But first of all, it is necessary to recall what is a non-fungible token (NFT) that we hear so often lately. What does NFT mean? NFT means “Non-Fungible Token“. It is a token, a non-fungible asset. But what does […]

20 February 2022

What is predictive marketing?

Digital marketing, Growth hacking

Wouldn’t it be nice to know which contact lists are worth acquiring before you buy them? What if you accelerate your sales cycle by enabling your salespeople to work more efficiently? That’s what predictive marketing can do for your organization. It’s not a crystal ball flying into the middle of the room swirling in purple […]

23 September 2020

Marketing automation: turning your prospects into customers

Growth hacking

During the last French local elections, we worked with a politician on his election campaign. We used a marketing automation tool (specially developed for this particular case…). But more than talking about political marketing, let’s focus on what Marketing Automation is and what are the fundamental characteristics of a good automation software. It is an […]

22 June 2020

The personas method

Digital marketing, Growth hacking

“If you don’t understand a person, you tend to think of him as a fool.” (Carl Jung). The personas method is therefore to understand all the people who make up your target customers by giving them a humanity and an identity of their own. The appeal of this method The personas method allows you to […]

21 February 2020

Growth-hacking, an attempt at a definition

Growth hacking

This article will deal in a general way with growth hacking, a word coined by Sean Ellis in 2010. Bringing companies “A little closer to the stars …” is probably the simplest definition of growth-hacking. But what does this term really mean? What is its field of action? With what methodology? We will try to […]

20 February 2020