Conducting a good SEO audit

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To know where we are going, it is necessary to know where we come from. Starting from this premise, the SEO audit is a prerequisite. Before any active SEO work, the audit is an obligation. A service provider who does not offer it to you is already committing a fault that can have repercussions later. […]

22 May 2022

How to make good newsletters?

Communication digitale, Digital marketing

Emails are an effective way to reach your audience to reach your prospects. Each email marketing requires special attention and newsletters are no exception. Indeed, like any marketing object, you have to ask yourself the question of its meaning. What will your newsletter be used for? This is the first essential question you must ask […]

10 May 2022

Get to know your audience!

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In order to create correct personas, it is necessary to analyze your audience as precisely as possible on a constant basis. Moreover, this analysis of your audience will allow you to make your personas live and evolve to reach a greater understanding of your audience. This understanding allows you to deliver the right message at […]

7 May 2022

Programmatic advertising, a bright future?

Communication digitale, Growth hacking

Programmatic advertising is the essence of modern internet advertising. It has totally entered the mores of marketing professionals. In fact, by 2021, programmatic advertising should be used by 90% of advertisers, while 75% are already using it…(Source) 88% of these advertisers want to increase their investments. Just by seeing these figures, it is easy to […]

1 May 2022