NGOs and associations, use digital communication

Digital communication

With the rise of digital media, nonprofit organizations (NGOs, associations) are leveraging many different techniques to reach an ever-widening audience and create lasting change. From social media to governance tools to online fundraising, digital communication has given associations and NGOs unprecedented access to a global audience. But with this comes new responsibilities, like using this […]

13 September 2022

Introduction to Local SEO

Digital communication, Digital marketing

Why this introduction? Recently a student and faithful reader of the blog, contacted us to ask us about the subject of local SEO. Indeed, it’s a topic that deserves some attention. As a matter of fact, 46% of all searches on Google are about local information, according to Social Media Today. It is, therefore, a […]

28 July 2022

Meta tags and SEO (Part III)

Digital communication

First, we have seen the tags necessary for your SEO. A second time, those that can have an effect on SEO under certain specific conditions. It is now time to see those that are totally useless. They are just a superfluous waste of time! There are many of them, we have selected the most common […]

26 July 2022