Meta tags and SEO (Part I)

Digital communication

We have already seen some of the tags to optimize in a previous article. This series of three articles is a complement that may be necessary because when you do some research, you find a plethora of different meta tags. So, these articles are made to help you see clearly… When you start in SEO […]

26 June 2022

Which tags to optimize your SEO?

Digital communication, Digital marketing

In order for your site to be optimized for search engines, it is essential to respect certain good practices. Thus, the different tags present on your site are an important criterion to favor your referencing (in addition to its UX design). They allow the different search engines to understand more easily what you are dealing […]

14 June 2022

Youtube: Improve your visibility

Digital communication, Growth hacking

Recently, we were asked to take care of the development of a YouTube channel. The objective is to create a community so it is useless to remind the necessity to have an optimal idea of the target (via the personas technique). This knowledge allows you to create quality content. It is then necessary to broadcast […]

2 June 2022

Benefits of email marketing

Digital communication, Digital marketing

It has been said to be dead or obsolete several times, but despite everything, email marketing is still alive. It is not only survival, it is one of the most effective strategies to reach your prospect. It can give the impression of being totally outdated, of being the poor relation of the different acquisition channels, […]

14 June 2021