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When you work in digital communication, this is a question that comes up very frequently and the answer is not always easy. We will not deal here with those who can bring you backlinks (backlinks good for your SEO like TumblR, for example), but only from a pure communication point of view. As you will see, the answer is far from easy and leads to a multitude of questions about your own business, as well as about social media in themselves.

Asking the right questions

Social media do not all have the same population. Moreover, these media do not have the same impact on the image of your company and your products. Furthermore, It is necessary to go on social media not because you have to, but because they correspond to the image you want to send and that is in line with the DNA of your company. So here are some questions to ask yourself before you start:

  • What is my target and who are my customers?
  • Are my products of a particular design?
  • Do I have a great team you want to promote?
  • Do I have things to say on a regular basis that may interest a certain audience?

You have to add to that the time/money variable that you should not neglect…

Social media, to do what?

Here is an essential question, what for? This is what you need to define!

To promote your products, Instagram is a must. Also, if you are also targeting the Silver Economy then you can smartly complement Pinterest.

If you have things to say (and you don’t want to maintain a blog – which is however good for your SEO-), then don’t hesitate to go on Medium and relay your texts on Twitter and on Quora. Do you have a little more time? Then why not make videos (of training or tutorials for example). You can then post them on YouTube and relay them on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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Need some branding? Instagram and LinkedIn are definitely the two choices to go for. If you have an “ethical” business (like organic or fair trade), you can go to the new social media like Mastodon… More techno, Steemit…

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Practically, every company must think about its objectives on social media. In conclusion, this is essential to avoid that your communication is meaningless and only serves your personal satisfaction. Moreover, it must be carried out from an ROI perspective.

If you wish to set up an optimal communication strategy on social media and that it is measurable, do not hesitate to contact our agency!

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