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After seeing what an SEO audit is, it seems only natural to tell you about the monthly SEO report. Thus, a good monthly SEO report draws the line between a good and a bad SEO provider. So, to separate the good from the bad, it is necessary to know what to expect.

Indeed, a respectable agency will have to provide you with a detailed report every month to help you understand what has been done on your site. So in this search engine optimization report you should find useful information and key data so that you can understand the ins and outs of the strategy implemented and consequently the progress made.

What is a monthly SEO report?

But before we look at the broad categories that the monthly SEO report should cover, let’s first take a closer look at what this famous monthly report is. In simple terms, it is a report that gives you an overview of your website’s performance with respect to search engines. It mainly focuses on organic traffic, rankings and other metrics of your domain.

Thanks to the monthly update of this report, you can have a precise idea of the work your agency has done for you. You can see your ranking progress, backlinks and SEO health, organic traffic progress, etc. In other words, a monthly SEO report will help you analyze the performance of your SEO strategy.

It is essential for you, as there is no other way to know what has been done. A monthly SEO report helps you keep track of your provider’s work.

A good SEO report usually has three elements:

  1. information
  2. progress
  3. recommendations.

What should be included in the monthly SEO report?

Let’s get to the most important part: what should you find in the monthly SEO report?
Of course, it is possible to add other categories. The different categories we present here are really the basics for any monthly report.

#1: SEO Report Summary

The first point is a summary. Indeed, the provider must provide you with a first summary to get you into the report, because it can be sometimes difficult to go through graphs, numbers and technical terms. This part will help you better understand your report by giving you an overview of its content. You will find all the key points without using too technical language.

You’ll find a breakdown of important points such as project objectives and KPIs, actions taken and overview of results.

In addition, the results, such as the 23% increase in traffic to your website, will be shown here in the simplest way possible. This is also where you will highlight the points that need action, upcoming tasks, etc.

#2: Overview of SEO Health

Your monthly SEO report should also provide you with an overview of your website’s health. This will be an overview of errors and technical issues that could be affecting their visibility in search engines. It will include factors such as site speed, meta tags, sitemaps, robots.txt, etc.

#3: Traffic overview by channel

One of the main things you’ll want to know is where your traffic is coming from. So your monthly SEO report will show a breakdown of the channels that send visitors to your website. This can include organic search, paid search, direct traffic and referrals.

This way, you’ll have a comparison of the performance of each channel so you can better understand which channels are providing the most value. Sudden spikes in traffic on a certain channel would be a sign that something is working very well. A decline would be a sign that something has stopped working and needs to be fixed.
The provider may annotate this data to explain fluctuations in the amount of traffic from different channels.

#4: Keyword Ranking

But what are your search engine results? This is probably a question that comes up naturally. So, your report should clearly show the keywords you are positioned on and where you rank for each keyword. This will be a good indicator of how well the strategy is performing and what kind of improvements you can see.

It is possible that the provider will discover keywords that you are not targeting but are already ranking for. In this case, they will readjust these keyword targeting efforts and include these untargeted but successful keywords (in keeping with your company’s DNA).

#5: Click-through rate

While it is important to rank high in search engine results, ranking alone does not determine a website’s performance. It is indeed necessary to get clicks on your links in the search engine results. Your monthly SEO report should therefore also include an overview of the number of clicks you get on each keyword you are ranked for.

This will give you a much better idea of which keywords are performing the best.

#6: Backlink Profile

Another crucial point that you should have in the monthly SEO report is the profile of the links that point to you. Indeed, since backlinks are a key ranking factor, you need to have a clear overview of the websites you are linked to. This analysis will also help you to better understand how your provider will improve your strategy to strengthen the inbound links profile.

It is not just about the number of inbound links you get, but it is important to know the authority of the sites. Indeed, high authority sites that refer you will be able to provide more organic backlinks. Conversely, low authority sites will damage the credibility of your client’s website by creating links to it.
You will find a list of these low authority sites in your monthly SEO report. The provider can specify if he contacted the owners of these websites to ask them to remove them or if he disavowed these bad links in order to considerably increase the credibility of your website.

#7: Ranking history

Historical data allows you to have a clear picture of how their ranking has improved (or not) since the agency’s intervention. Thus, the monthly SEO report should show historical data on their website’s ranking for different keywords over the past years and months.

#8: Competitor Performance Comparison

Another essential element of this monthly SEO report is a thorough review of your performance against your competitors. This will help you understand exactly where you stand in relation to the competition and identify any opportunities for improvement.


These are the main data points that you should find in the monthly report that your SEO agency should provide you. These are only the basics, to which other factors can be added, depending on the type of site (shop window or e-commerce), its scope (local or international), …

If you want our agency to accompany you in the implementation of your natural SEO strategy, we are at your disposal.


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