Activate your social networks!

Use them to develop your activity

Who is not aware of social networks?
Who does not have at least one account on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn?

As social networks multiply with each one having a particular tone, it becomes more and more difficult to manage them alone. In addition, they may require a particular approach.

Trust an SMM (Social Media Marketing) professional to create an effective strategy will make the difference against your competitors.

Expand your presence on the networks!

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Creating your strategy for your social networks

Each social network has its own specificities so that before any action, we perform an audit. This audit will allow us to clearly identify the expectations of your target customers (defined thanks to the realization of personas) and therefore which social networks to use first. It will also allow us to see the actions you have already undertaken or the marketing actions that can be transposed there.

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After this audit, we propose an action plan with SMART objectives:

  • Simple (the aim must be clear and easy to understand)
  • Measurable (the goals of the aim must be quantified or qualified)
  • Acceptable (target must be ambitious enough)
  • Realistic (the aim must be achievable and motivating for all)
  • Temporally defined (the aim must have a defined temporality)

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For example, we detail the tone to adopt, the keywords to use, the groups and social networks to target, but also examples of a post (excluding video) and an editorial calendar.
The goal is a rapid development of your identity and presence on social networks.
They plan this action plan for optimal implementation within the next three months.

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Your advertising on social networks

To allow you to increase your visibility more quickly and reach your target more effectively, we produce and manage your various ads on social networks.

We offer you to design and produce your ads on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, G+, Pinterest, TumblR and Snapchat to get a fast development of your communities. As your audience increases, it will then be easier for you to get new customers.

In addition, we provide you with regular follow-up (weekly sending of a summary email and a monthly update) on your various statistics. We can also implement actions of growth-hacking to promote the development of your presence on your networks or the creation of a chatbot on Messenger.

We can also carry out all your digital communication by improving your referencing by setting up adwords or emailing campaigns.