Fewer and fewer business relations use the telephone, preferring to send an e-mail. Indeed, this technique requires less time and is more efficient. It allows you to bypass the barrier of management assistance to address your target directly. Moreover, there are different types of commercial e-mails: contact, follow-up, referral and sales nurturing. In spite of this diversity, there are identical rules for their creation.

A meticulous elaboration of your e-mail

Your e-mail prospecting must be created with the utmost care. Indeed, for an optimal design, it is essential to have a precise idea of your target customers. For this, you must create personas. Once you have created them, you will have to establish a coherent commercial argument. Once the sales pitch is clearly established, it becomes necessary to target and segment your audience. This segmentation must be done according to the different arguments you have identified and the data of your personas.

This must be done with all the necessary meticulousness. In addition, you must also pay great attention to the writing of the body of the message, especially on the spelling.

Your added value: the heart of your e-mail prospecting

Even if you have digital tools that explain the interest of your products or services (website, well-referenced YouTube videos, …), always emphasize your added value. Mention it in the body of your email so that it is clearly identifiable. Indeed, the prospect, when he receives your e-mail, must find his own interest and the advantages he can have in using your product or your services (without having to click on any link).

Avoid a pretentious inventory and focus only on the benefits for the target customer. The structure you choose is a direct result of your personas and your sales pitch. Nevertheless, there are some technical invariants that can increase your open and engagement rates.

Optimal wording for all your e-mails

Indeed, a few simple rules can help you reach your prospects more easily. Start by writing short objects that are easily understandable and related to your added value. The goal is to inform the prospect as much as to arouse his curiosity to encourage him to read the e-mail. Moreover, if you want to avoid that your e-mail goes directly to the spam section, you will have to avoid, in the subject line, expressions that are too commercial such as “free product”, “Free”, …

What should be preferred, a beautiful HTML e-mail with nice pictures or on the contrary a plain text one? Knowing that photos are heavy and do not necessarily load automatically, the architecture of the HTML mail can easily be made unreadable. Thus, the textual mail is preferable. Nevertheless, it is possible to use sales automation software to personalize your e-mails by directly involving your prospects. Moreover, a link at the end of your email (to your website for example) will reinforce the professional aspect. Concerning your signature, putting your company logo and your photo (if the photos do not appear, it is less serious than on the whole email), can complete the personalization of your relationship with your prospect.


E-mail prospecting is a technique that still has a good future ahead of it, because it is very profitable if it is well used. Despite everything, it requires a certain technicality in particular to avoid that they end up in the spams.

If you need support or if you want to realize emailing campaigns, our marketing agency accompanies you, even realizes them for you.

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