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With the rise of digital media, nonprofit organizations (NGOs, associations) are leveraging many different techniques to reach an ever-widening audience and create lasting change. From social media to governance tools to online fundraising, digital communication has given associations and NGOs unprecedented access to a global audience. But with this comes new responsibilities, like using this new technology intelligently and effectively. In addition, marketing is essential to achieve the goals of some NGOs, as The Pestel Model Effect has shown. This article presents 4 ways to use digital communication to foster positive change in your organization and community.

Creating a positive digital presence

It’s one thing to communicate online, it’s another to make your communications positive. There are countless ways to use digital media to foster positive change for your community and organization. Your online presence is a crucial part of achieving positive visibility.

If you use your website and social networks to share only positive information and news, it can have a huge impact on how others perceive your organization. If your organization’s online presence is positive, it will reinforce that perception by the public. This good perception will lead more people to trust and donate to your organization. When people see only the good things, they often assume the best, and when they discover the opposite, they may be less likely to support your cause. Creating and maintaining an online presence is essential.

Give your NGO’s donors a voice

Effective digital communication requires a level of human interaction that is simply not possible in digital media alone. That’s why it’s so important to include the voices of your members and donors in your online presence.

When creating content, for your website, newsletters, or social media, include a section where people can participate. Interaction is key to building a sense of belonging and having their opinions taken into account. You can thus integrate a chatbot working on a staggered schedule.

This can be used to give them the opportunity to share their thoughts and experiences related to your topic, which can foster a more personal connection. It can also allow you to respond to visitor comments, which can strengthen your online presence by including the voices of your supporters (and showing that you’re listening!).

Use digital fundraising to create a lasting association

To strengthen your digital presence, you can also take advantage of the various fundraising systems that have been set up on different social networks. Like any other communication channel you choose to use, online fundraising can help you establish a lasting online presence. By setting up such a campaign, you can create an ongoing revenue stream that will allow you to incorporate digital content, such as blog posts or social media posts, related to your cause.

One of the main benefits of fundraising in the digital world is that it can help you build your online presence. This presence will strengthen your cause because more digital content will be created… More content means more visibility. It’s a virtuous circle that is set in motion. And because online fundraising allows you to set a goal and track progress, you can see how your efforts are contributing to the growth of your organization.

Establish an effective governance system for NGOs

When choosing which channels to use for your digital presence, consider how your organization is governed. This will not only help you choose the right channels for your organization. This choice will help you find your audience. In addition, the persona technique can help you do this. The type of content you publish and the way you publish it can greatly influence how your audience perceives you.

When choosing which channels to use, it is important to also consider your governance system. Indeed, if you have a formal governance system, you may choose a digital communication channel that allows for more formal feedback and oversight, such as a dedicated platform rather than going through social networks. Conversely, if your governance system is highly decentralized, why not use the new DAO social media?


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