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Consumers are constantly bombarded with social alerts from friends, family, work, and brands. Because of these disruptions, many are turning off notifications for emails, as well as on social networks. If you want to market in real-time (especially in these troubled Cov-19 times), you need to send a message via text.

However, for an SMS marketing campaign to be successful, meaning it relies on SMS marketing as the primary means of reaching your customers, it must be legal and structured and provide trackable and useful leads.

SMS allows businesses to do many of the things that traditional media does…without having to invest in additional equipment, labor, printing, or media purchases. SMS marketing isn’t for everyone, however, you need to make sure your texting is helpful and relevant rather than intrusive and spammy (or worse, illegal). It’s easy to tip the scales and grow your business relationships with your texting. Here’s how to integrate texting into your marketing strategy without annoying your customers.

How does SMS marketing work?

SMS marketing relies on a database of your customers‘ names, cell phone numbers, and other information that helps you track the sales process. These can be full addresses, home phone numbers, or categories of customers and interests.

As with any marketing effort, the more information you have and the more specific your customer segments are, the better. Just as Facebook ads can target people in a certain area, by age and interests ,it is highly personalized and geared toward a specific target audience.

More personal marketing

However, SMS is not suitable for every marketing scenario. It is best used for things like a delivery status, a secondary message after downloading a certain mobile app or program, a purchase receipt, or an exclusive discount. Also, SMS marketing is only effective if your customers prefer this type of communication.

A text is more personal than an email, so if you contact the user and they have never heard of you… you will probably be considered spam. When your users know and are able to easily recognize your brand and like your company or products, offering them content via SMS can be effective.

How do you set up an SMS ad?

Some companies choose to create their own database for SMS marketing and send messages en masse, sometimes relying on a third-party service for the actual transmission. Of course, it is also possible for a small business or start-up to do SMS marketing using their own campaign and send group messages.

Companies often work with an SMS messaging provider to handle some of the database collection, legal issues, and actual text message transmissions. These companies can provide a quote for bulk SMS campaigns and SMS marketing based on your demographic and customer segment.

How can SMS marketing help your organization?

The important thing to remember about any technical marketing – that is, marketing that relies on technical and digital methods, as opposed to print materials – is that it must be part of an overall marketing campaign. No business should embark on SMS marketing without a plan for how it all fits together to reach new customers.

Whatever you communicate through your text marketing messages, first and foremost make sure it’s relevant and adds value to the consumer’s experience with your brand.
When you’re ready to reach out to your various customers, think about messages that will appeal to your contacts. Coupons, promotions, and delivery options are all things that will appeal to your subscribers and customers.

Providing useful information, in addition to promotional offers, will create a level of anticipation and surprise. You need to look at SMS marketing the same way you would look at reaching your customers through Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. You should always ask yourself how you can add value without being intrusive.


SMS marketing is an interesting and effective way to stay in touch with your customers, but only if you do it right. First of all, you need to get the right to communicate with your customers via SMS, lest you violate regulations. Second, make sure your text messages are in keeping with your brand. Also, they should be valuable to your customers, rather than annoying or intrusive. By combining these elements, you can create an SMS marketing campaign that builds trust in your brand and keeps your customers engaged with your products and services.


If you too would like to implement such an SMS strategy or if you would like us to help you create your marketing strategy, our growth hacking agency is at your disposal!


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