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Well, you’ve understood the keyword strategy and the bidding system of Google Ads. Now, it is a matter of making an ad that not only hits your visitors but also especially Google. Indeed, although you will pay a bid to appear, other factors come into play to position you on the Google search page. This does not correspond to the level of visible quality (rated from 1 to 10), which is only an estimate, but to the one calculated by Google Ads at the time of the setting of the bids. Nevertheless, the visible quality level is a good indicator to support its future ranking. But then how to improve it?

Internal factors under Google Ads…

Google Ads keeps in memory a history so that it can make predictions not only according to the results of your previous ads but also according to the keywords you have integrated. For this, you should not hesitate to exclude keywords.

Moreover, to be able to hope to have a good ad score, it is necessary to have a perfectly structured campaign. It is necessary that your ad groups are very segmented to have keywords close enough to create a real coherence between the keywords in the ad. Furthermore, these keywords should not have a CTR too low, nor generate too many impressions to avoid degrading their ratio in the eyes of Google Ads.

…favored by the use of Ads extensions…

Ah, the use of extensions to promote the development of an ad and its potential is a wise idea. In fact, Google recommends adding at least four different extensions to leverage campaigns.
Three extensions are very important:

  • side links to redirect the user to specific pages on your site;
  • teasers;
  • site snippet.

In addition, adding all the relevant extensions for your company will enhance the quality of your ads and the experience you will provide to your users.

… and an external factor.

The landing page of your users is also a determining factor. Indeed, Google Ads will look if it has the potential to attract and retain visitors by offering an optimal experience. This is a point that should not be neglected and that we will develop in a future article.

If you want to have a perfectly optimized Ads campaign, don’t hesitate to call on the services of Richard Bulan.

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