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Creation, management, and optimization of Google and Bing Ads campaigns

If you want to be in the first positions on Bing or Google, trust a professional like Richard Bulan!

Optimize your digital communication and remain in control of your image by using the power of Ads!

Google Ads or Bing Ads (the two tools having a very similar functioning) require a certain technicality and experience with the tools. In addition, effective campaign management is a very time-consuming exercise.

Our certifications:

Certification google Analytics
Certification google Adwords
Certification Bing Ads

Having a professional like Richard Bulan to take care of it or to accompany you will allow you to gain qualified traffic on your site more quickly. He will help you in the choice of the different keywords according to the theme of your site and your budget. In addition, Richard Bulan guarantees a regular follow-up of your positions. Every month, you receive a report on your positions. Every three months we make a review together.

Our pricing is simple: €200 for the creation of the account, three ads and the selection of 20 keywords, then the management of the account for 20% of the money invested in advertising (example: you spend a budget of €150 per month, you pay us €30).

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Use all the power of the Ads

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Google and Bing Ads are very complete tools that may require you to add tags directly inside your website.

The addition of these tags is an obligation, in particular, to carry out re-targeting campaigns.

But what is re-targeting? It's advertising targeting. This technique allows you to display advertising messages, usually in the form of a banner, to bring back a visitor to your site who has not carried out any transformation action (purchase, registration,...).

In addition, the creation of dynamic, eye-catching banners is an important vehicle for this communication strategy.

For all this and to allow you to reach the best positions (depending on your budget), Richard Bulan is at your disposal and will assist you in the creation, management and even optimization of your various Ads campaigns (under Google or Bing).

So what are you waiting for? Contact us!

It is also possible to use other techniques to optimize its websites, such as natural referencing or the use of social networks.