Partner your digital communication

The growth of your company requires a perfectly controlled digital communication!

At a time of omnipresence, to see the omnipotence of the Internet, it becomes impossible to do without it whatever your domain...
The Internet is the place of development of all successful companies, allowing at least enriching its customer network.

Thus, many offers have emerged proposing a website, an email campaign, on social networks,...
But these services are unclear and can ultimately prove very expensive.

We offer you to accompany you throughout the creation or restoration of your digital communication.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

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A real strategy for your social networks!
Let's develop your community!

A larger community!

Creation of your website

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Create your new shop window on the internet!
Attract new customers!

A site that suits me!!

Design of emailing campaigns

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A perfectly calibrated campaign for you!
Get more leads with emailing!

More prospects!

Development of your chatbot

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Let's make your customers' lives easier!
Make a chatbot!

A chatbot? I want to!

Contact us!

I'll contact you!
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Social Media Marketing

Implementing this practice will allow you to gain visibility and and foster the development of your communities. Although it uses community management techniques (community management by adapting posts to the network and the general tone you want to use), Social Media Marketing goes further. Richard Bulan will go beyond the purely operational part to allow you to have an aim look at your prospects (via the creation of personas, for example).

MMS will allow you to expect and plan for a real communication plan to have a clear vision: know when to post, where and how to post!

This is what Richard Bulan offers you to achieve while always respecting your company's values, with the main aim of attracting as many new customers as possible to your company!

Creation of a website

A website is a window on the world. All Internet users can come and watch it and make a judgment about you and your company, depending on the quality of the site. Thus, you can very well lose a lot of credibility by impacting the transformation of your prospects into customers.

It must not only be functional but also reflect your values by having a interface that is easily understandable, respecting classic standards. In addition, we must put this in place to promote its referencing (SEO) on the various search engines.
To improve your referencing, but also to reach your prospects and your visitors in the heart, we set up a strategy of inbound marketing !
That is a lot of factors to take into account, but Richard Bulan can help you in this realization!

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Emailing campaign

The realization of a quality email campaign requires a particular technique so they do not consider it as spam and that it does not annoy your prospects. Good emailing practices differ totally from those needed to create beautiful websites. Texts must be attractive and provide real added value true value for transforming the prospect into a customer.

With this aim in mind and respecting your company's values, we support you in creating your various campaigns. Sometimes, it is necessary to build a first address file from a few things.

Richard Bulan advises you on how to set up different ways to retrieve email addresses (handle with care and in compliance with the legislation in force).

Performing a chatbot

A chatbot is the latest fashion and the best thing for sitting his digital presence. Having artificial intelligence that immediately responds to your prospects, allowing them to orient themselves more easily, gives you great credibility. Thus, a chatbot allows you to save resources while generating a more important content of your visitors.

The realization of such a chatbot will allow you to get more visibility(especially on mobile where it is particularly adapted) but also a higher satisfaction for your customers and yourself!

Listening always to you, Richard Bulan will assist you in its creation and implementation.

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