Linkbuilding et SEO

To allow your site to be correctly referenced, the various technical optimizations that you can perform on your site are not the only things to take into account. Indeed, one of the most important strategies is to build good links. This is the implementation of a linkbuilding strategy. Thus, it is a question of long-term work to achieve a good optimization whose goal is to develop the SEO of your site.

Linkbuilding, a fundamental SEO strategy

Indeed, this linkbuilding is a fundamental strategy for referencing your website. The obvious objective of this one is to position correctly your site on the various search engines. Indeed, its intrinsic goal is to increase the authority, the power of your domain, your site, or a page of it. For this, it is necessary to generate links directed towards it.

The creation of links becomes fundamental. However, there are two completely different and antagonistic types of links:

  • internal links that you can totally control by thinking and realizing the global architecture of your site;
  • external links which, as their name indicates, come from external websites, from other pages than the one presented under your domain name.

However, some links marked “no follow” do not improve (or deteriorate) the authority of your page (or site) because they are not taken into account by search engines. Conversely, a “do follow” link is the Holy Grail. It will allow you to get the essence of a link, to get all the juice out of it.

Be careful with your links

Think of your links as the connections between cities. These connections are your main acquisition channels. They are your highways, your state highways, your county roads, and your byways that lead to your city. The size of these roads depends on which city it connects.

Thus, cities that receive a lot of traffic and are rich will bring you qualified people (quality links). On the contrary, poor cities without many connections will probably get you less qualified citizens (lower quality links). Moreover, if these cities do not speak the same language as you or are not in one of your city’s sectors, they may not be necessary. The same goes for links.

It would be best if you had qualified links from quality sites and, for optimum results in your language and on the theme that your site, your page reflects.

Moreover, to continue the metaphor, taking care of your entry is necessary. Thus, the links must be in your content (and not in your footer) with a related context. The same is true when you negotiate the positioning of a link on another site. Moreover, all the tags and all the words in your links must be different. So, do not hesitate to use synonyms to show that you offer quality content!

Develop your linkbuilding by creating value

As you have understood, you must encourage link creation towards your content. To do this, you need to stand out from the competition. Your content must be easily shared (and thus create retention). For this, there are several options available to you. If you are gifted in graphic arts, why not make a beautiful infographic showing the key elements of your text? You can also present a survey, make a podcast or make an explanatory video to complement your text. Don’t neglect them because they can be distributed and shared, sending new links to your site (and creating an engagement effect).


We will see in a future article how to locate good sites that can make quality links. In the meantime, we can carry out this linkbuilding strategy. To do this, we will start our work with an SEO audit of your site and the links that lead to it.

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