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Richard Bulan is first and foremost an SEO agency (Search Engine Optimisation) or natural referencing.

After a complete audit of your site (i.e. bypassing keywords, the different meta tags, at technical analysis to finally check your internal and external links), we propose a coherent action plan.

This SEO plan aims to develop your site to allow it to achieve positioning more important in Google and other search engines, even the first positions.

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Why trust Richard Bulan for your SEO?

We have audited and increased the positioning of several dozen sites internet. In addition, to carry them out we use the most modern tools to ensure you an optimal quality and that our proposal for action is perfectly in phase with the reality of the various search engines (their algorithms are constantly evolving, it is necessary to be perfectly up to date and not to remain frozen in practices that are no longer in use).

Another element is the fact that we are recognized by the profession. We were chosen by a renowned training platform in digital marketing, Seolius, to provide natural referencing training. As search engines and our tools evolve, our techniques also progress (especially for the realization of your site, with implementing solutions SXO, the creation of semantic cocoons or the creation of a linkbuilding strategy, for example).

You can, therefore, be sure that your SEO audit will be treated with the utmost seriousness and rigour, and all the actions we may have to take to increase the visibility of your company. website on the different search engines, whether your activity is located in France or abroad.


Composition of the natural referencing audit:

The report is more or less long, on average between 30 and 50 pages, divided into several categories relating to all-natural referencing:

  • Keywords
  • Title and meta tags
  • Hn
  • Tags
  • Images
  • URL and internal links
  • Meta-data
  • Text analysis
  • Speed
  • Code quality
  • Error pages
  • External links
  • Miscellaneous
  • Recommendations and action plans

In addition, if you wish, we can also do a micro-audit of your competitors, including the keywords on which they are positioned and their external links.

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And after the SEO audit, what happens?

Once the audit has been given to you, several solutions are available to you:

  • The first solution is the one where you fully understand how to solve the problems we have diagnosed during the audit of your site and how to implement the various recommendations to make your SEO-friendly site where you have the skills in-house, you do it yourself.
  • The second possibility is that you do not have internal skills. So the SEO agency Richard Bulan makes the changes on your site.


The other SEO agency's referencing services Richard Bulan

In addition, to perfect your SEO, Richard Bulan can help you implement a content strategy (or even inbound marketing) by providing you with keyword lists (explaining their interests) and as well as ideas for topics for your texts, depending on your activity and the DNA of your structure. The development of an optimal strategy regarding the use of keywords is a fundamental element for the life of your site from an SEO point of view.

We can also go further by offering you the writing of SEO-optimized articles on your theme, to set up a backlinks strategy or to set up a regular analysis of your logs. In addition, if you wish, we can provide you with regular reports (usually monthly) on your site, but also those of your competitors.


Our natural referencing agency (SEO) is at your disposal!
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