To know where we are going, it is necessary to know where we come from. Starting from this premise, the SEO audit is a prerequisite. Before any active SEO work, the audit is an obligation. A service provider who does not offer it to you is already committing a fault that can have repercussions later. Even before setting up an inbound marketing strategy, the SEO audit is an imperative necessity. But with so much on offer, how do you know which audit will be the most complete and will bring you the best results?

The use of software and tools for the SEO audit

The first question you should ask the provider is “how? How do you perform the audit? What methods and software solutions do you use? Is the SEO provider only looking at your site and noting what seems abnormal? Will they map your site‘s architecture? Will he use digital solutions to crawl your site in-depth?

Audit map site SEO Richard Bulan

In the case of a large site (in terms of size), all three methods are important, mapping being optional for smaller sites. Among the digital solutions that a professional should know and use, we can mention SEMrush, aHrefs, ScreamingFrog SEO (our favorite), or PageSpeedInsights. The knowledge and use of these tools allow you to distinguish the wheat from the chaff. But their use has a cost…

The money benchmark

Another way to perceive a good provider is also the price charged. Below a price of 300€ per day, you can be almost sure to have a cheap audit. Indeed, the various software requires significant investment and thus has a high cost. To this, you must add the time spent to acquire the necessary skills to master them. In addition, to perform quality, it is necessary to be perfectly aware of the latest SEO techniques. Regular monitoring is then necessary. You pay a part of these “unproductive” times of the provider. Another element that will influence the price is the way the provider will present your SEO audit.

The final reports of the SEO audit

From the beginning, ask how the provider will present the SEO audit. If he only talks about oral communication (or telephone), go away! He must provide you with at least two reports. The first one will be purely technical, showing all the data he could find, without any deep analysis. The second report will be analytical and will suggest ways to improve. This second report is very important because it will allow you to start implementing improvements to correct the technical part.

Once the SEO audit is done, it is then possible for you to make the necessary corrections (or have them made by the same provider or another one). The SEO audit gives you the keys to developing your site and improving its SEO.


If you want to audit your site to develop your SEO, your growth hacking agency is listening to you to bring you the optimal solution.

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