This question comes up quite regularly in the various exchanges we can have with entrepreneurs. Is the implementation of the various growth hacking techniques only reserved for a specific typology of the company? Does the structure have to have any prerequisites? Is growth hacking reserved for the most digitalized structures? So many questions, so many situations that require a clear answer!

Growth hacking is at the heart of startups

Growth hacking is naturally related to startups. Indeed, it is in this environment that it was created and in which it has grown. To enable their rapid development, these structures needed the fastest means to “hack growth”.

All startups will set up their own strategy and method to develop their company by spending the least amount of money possible. They will then use the means they know best: digital. To do this, they will create new tools, scrape the existing ones and use the right web marketing techniques. To this, we must add an extremely ROI-oriented vision and the use of the Lean method.

A tool for large groups

The AARRR methodology is only a tool used by large groups. Growth hacking is primarily a way for them to improve their communication and marketing. It is mainly used to reach customers who are increasingly moving away from the “housewife under 50” model. It is just a way to increase their visibility, by developing their community. This allows them to avoid crises of confidence in their model and mitigate possible bad buzz.

Growth hacking is then not only a smart marketing tool but also a technique. Although this technique brings important cost reduction, it is only used sparingly and not at its full efficiency. An example to support our point, the AXA group (a French insurance company) could implement an automatic geolocation strategy to go directly to the website of the agency closest to the user.

An essential for VSEs/SMEs

Whether you have completed your digital transformation or you want to use the power of digital to develop your structure. Using it will allow you to increase your turnover. Getting more contracts, promoting word-of-mouth, or developing your community are all achievable goals.

Moreover, the use of different techniques will allow you to anticipate or even avoid bad buzz (especially bad ratings on Google or social networks). Being in essence a money-saving technique, its implementation is and remains accessible. Any company can implement various growth hacking techniques. This is smart, digital, and optimized marketing (smart marketing).


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