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Data is becoming a new source of wealth for all structures. A news item like #deleteFacebook is perhaps the first sign of a wider awareness of their importance. Moreover, the amount of data exchanged in the world is dizzying, every second 29 T.O of data are published. So capturing some of it creates tremendous opportunities for your business. They can improve your site, even your products, but also retarget your targets or generate money.

Improve your existing with your data

By getting enough data, you not only know who is visiting your site but also where they are coming from. The “who” is important. For example, if they are over 50 years old, the buttons will have to be bigger and the font simpler than if they are 18-25 years old. This will also impact your strategy on social networks (especially according to the CSP of your visitors). In short, knowing your visitors will affect your entire marketing strategy.

Moreover, thanks to the study of this data, you will know where the people who visit you come from. Not only geographically, but also from which site your visitors come from. Knowing this will allow you to better target your ads. Indeed, you will develop the knowledge of your customers, and even allow you to create personas closer to reality and thus improve your strategy.

Use it for retargeting

Having a certain amount of data allows you to retarget your visitors. But what is retargeting? It’s a way of advertising by targeting users who have visited your site or who have not finalized their purchase process (put in the shopping cart without selling, for example). The goal is to turn these visitors into customers.

The collected data then has a strategic value for your company, allowing you to boost your turnover. If the analysis and segmentation work has been well done beforehand, you will be able to create optimal ads. These will be perfectly adapted to your target to generate new visits and even sales, significantly increasing your ROI.

Generate money directly with your data

Although it is still quite confidential and highly regulated by law (especially at the European level), it is possible to resell the data collected to other organizations. Never forget that when someone offers you free service on the internet, you (and your data) are the monetary value.

A movement like #deleteFacebook is just an awareness of this fact, even though it is well stipulated in the “Terms and Conditions” of the social network since its creation. Depending on the volume of data, you can do the same and make money by reselling it. This is considered unethical and is a company policy to think about depending on your objectives and the image you want to project.


If you want to set up data collection solutions to improve your existing system or use retargeting (we do not resell data for ethical reasons), your growth hacking agency can set up the different tools and accompany you through the whole process!

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