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Programmatic advertising is the essence of modern internet advertising. It has totally entered the mores of marketing professionals. In fact, by 2021, programmatic advertising should be used by 90% of advertisers, while 75% are already using it…(Source) 88% of these advertisers want to increase their investments. Just by seeing these figures, it is easy to understand that this advertising has become the norm in a few years.

Little by little, new tools are appearing and allow us to go even further… Indeed, the digital sphere impacts more and more all aspects of the consumer’s life. Thus, this type of advertising could, in the long run, replace all other types of advertising and thus broadcast the right message to the right target at the right time!

State the art of programmatic advertising

Before the development of programmatic advertising, it was necessary to contact the most influential sites in your sector to offer to display your banner. It is still possible to do this, especially for native advertising, but the goal is a little different. Nevertheless, programmatic advertising is also developing there.

Thus, programmatic advertising is nothing more than the use of software that automates the whole process, from the selection of locations to the optimization of prices. The best-known example is the Google Ads display. The user selects the impressions he is interested in with the possibility of setting a price limit. These limits can be defined beforehand (we talk about guaranteed inventory) or depend on an auction process (non-guaranteed inventory). Little by little, platforms have been created within this ecosystem with SSPs (Supply-Side Platforms) on the publisher side and DSPs (Demand-Site Platforms) on the buyer side.

Despite the GDPR and the increased difficulty of obtaining marketing data, it is still possible to obtain marketing data, allowing you to accurately target your consumers. Thus, the various regulatory provisions have had little impact on this type of advertising.


This technology really allows for personalized online advertising and more intelligent targeting of the right people. Relevant experiences will then be created. Indeed, with the internet, a new paradigm is emerging and entering into account, the “love brand”. Users have more and more influence on brands, to the point of becoming influencers. They want to take a more important part in the promotion of the brands they like… It is then necessary to create experiences, especially for them. The messages relayed in this way will be more relevant and will reach their targets more effectively.

At a time when traditional advertising is encountering its limits and a growing disenchantment, it becomes essential to be able to hit the mark. Moreover, it would be easy to think that programmatic advertising only affects the Internet, but nothing could be further from the truth.

We are only at the beginning of this phase of the sustainable transformation of advertising. It will eventually be directly integrated into the customer experience, to the point of evolving its own role where advertising doesn’t create a need, but notices its existence and responds to it before the user even thinks about it. The Minority Report of marketing


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