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A good way to give a boost to your social networks is, without any doubt, the implementation of contests. These contests will allow you to develop your audience, get people talking about you, but also to accumulate additional data. This data can be used to improve your personas, giving you an even better idea of your targets and their expectations, or for future marketing campaigns. Competitions are therefore a very interesting thing, even if you have to respect some obligations. These obligations are the same for all types of contests…

Obligations to respect all types of contests on your social networks

Certain practices continue to exist in order to protect the contest organizer in case of conflict, but also the platform that hosts it. Some of these rules are even made mandatory by Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Thus the drafting of clear and concise rules including in particular the terms of participation, the value of the gift(s), the start and end times and dates, and the age limits, … Moreover, according to the General Conditions of Facebook (and Instagram), the contests must include a specific mention to prevent all recourse against the social network. It is about:

This contest is neither organized nor sponsored by Facebook [Instagram]. The data collected is intended for the organizing company and not for Facebook [Instagram].

This is something to keep in mind when creating a contest to comply with the Terms and Conditions. Other networks (such as Twitter) also ask to include a disclaimer. The risks in case of non-compliance can range from the simple deletion of the publication to the deletion of the page!

Prohibited practices on social networks

Facebook does not want any more artificial propagation of content. Thus, all data collected during your contest must have the consent of the users (in compliance with European legislation). As a result, it is now forbidden to ask to tag a friend or to share a link to obtain the right to participate in a contest. This sentence from the Facebook Terms and Conditions is very clear:

You may not use friends’ personal logs or connections to run promotions.

Also, to ensure quality content, you can’t force your contest participants to like your page.

Don’t encourage people to like your page and don’t give the impression that liking a page will be rewarded.

You can refer to the platform’s policy documents for everything you need to know.

Some examples of contests on social networks

There is no shortage of good ideas. For example, you can ask to react to a publication (like, share or comment). Then, all you have to do is to make a draw (here we stay on a great classic). Improve this contest by announcing that the higher the number of participants, the more gifts there will be to win; this will increase the visibility of the contest.

The last type we particularly appreciate because it allows for generating significant traffic and is very playful. Nevertheless, it requires time and a big gift to motivate the Internet user. This is the clue hunt. The principle is simple, you hide clues on your site and charge the user to find them.


The different contests will allow you to considerably develop your audience and even your activity. By respecting just a few rules, you will not encounter any problems.

If you need support for the realization of contests on social networks or to set up your social media strategy, the Richard Bulan agency is there for you!

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