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Cold emailing is one of the best-known methods of email marketing. It is nothing more or less than door-to-door emailing.

But at a time when the principle of “privacy”, the respect given to data, is becoming more and more critical, why continue to do cold emailing and especially how to continue to obtain correct results with this technique?

Why cold emailing?

With the RGPD and the new rules it imposes, cold emailing is no longer adapted to BtoC prospecting. Nevertheless, it is a method that is quite common in BtoB. It can be quite powerful if, and only if, it is well used! There are several reasons why it is still used…

Indeed, it requires less investment in time (and therefore money) than traditional telephone prospecting. With good campaign automation software, it is possible to make your mass mailing personalized. By using them correctly, you can practically complete your targets and believe that your message was written only for them… Your prospects receive a personalized message, while you only wrote one email; what a time-saver!

In addition, and unlike traditional prospecting, the results of such a campaign are easily measurable. Thus, it is possible to know your ROI without any difficulty. As the follow-up is easy, it is then easier to look for ways to optimize.

One of these tracks would be to divide its file of prospects into distinct groups. These groups can be constituted in different ways (ages, different reactions, …). This will improve your knowledge of your different prospects and therefore allow you to better distribute your information and therefore sell better!

Cold emailing is a great tool to find new customers, but you have to do it correctly…

How to get better results with cold emailing?

Your prospect hasn’t asked for your proposal. Don’t waste their time! A good cold email is synthetic. It is short and to the point. Indeed, this email’s main and primary goal is to arouse the desire to talk to you; to discuss with you. Creating this desire must be the first objective of this email and not to sell directly! So to create this desire and maintain it, you should not give all the elements in your first email. You need to keep some elements and some arguments for your future email exchanges.

To better reach them, you must not talk about yourself. No! you have to talk about him, his desires, his expectations, his needs, … This is when the fact that you know your targets or that you have split your audience becomes very important!

To finish your email, it is time to use a traditional “Call To Action“. But this is not about sending the prospect to a page on your site or a landing page. No! You must invite them to respond to this email! Indeed, you want to create a communication, so you have to make it as simple as possible. It is this simplicity that will bring you the most returns.

The creation and writing of your email are essential. Even so, your address could quickly be considered a spamming address, especially if you use a “bomb” method with bad automation (you have a file of several hundred thousand addresses and you hope to reach a prospect by sending the same email to all of them). Target, target, and target again to reduce this risk. If you are still afraid of seeing your address considered as spamming, create a dedicated address…


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