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The soccer world cup is starting! Televisions from all over the world show the arena where the players are running. But during the half-time show, there’s a good chance you’ll see a commercial for Coca-Cola. This is part of their 360° marketing campaign. The same message can be seen in their radio ads, in newspapers, on Facebook, on the packaging, and even on supermarket shelves in the form of new products.
The 360-degree marketing approach has its roots in the philosophy of holistic marketing. It is one of the most sought-after approaches among brands today. But what exactly is a 360-degree campaign and how do you develop one?

What is a 360-degree marketing campaign?

A 360-degree marketing campaign is a comprehensive creative campaign idea covering all elements of the brand’s marketing mix, designed to implement a strategic brand strategy (usually positioning). In simple terms, a 360° marketing campaign aims to communicate a consistent message across all elements of the marketing mix.

  • New products are launched or old product brands are modified or expanded to fit the planned positioning strategy.
  • The campaign includes an integrated promotional marketing approach in which all promotional devices (online, offline, and mobile) are used effectively to communicate the specified message.
  • All possible touchpoints are leveraged effectively.
  • Packaging and visuals are also modified to fit the positioning strategy.
  • Products belonging to the 360-degree campaign are usually marketed at different prices. However, this depends on the brand’s niche.

Why a 360-degree marketing campaign?

Apart from the simple reason that there are too many people in the market and the company needs to stand out in some way, here are some reasons why brands invest in a 360-degree marketing campaign.

Brand positioning

Positioning is the place a brand occupies in the brain of its customers. It is built with the customer’s various interactions with the brand. If a brand plans to fix or change its positioning, a simple TV ad or newspaper ad will not be enough. On the contrary, it is necessary to perfectly adapt its speech to its customers. To do this, it is necessary to use the personas technique

Brand repositioning strategy

Repositioning a brand is one of the most difficult tasks and requires a real reflection and the implementation of a global strategy. Indeed, it is necessary to anticipate the actions to be carried out but also to know precisely its objective by having a clear vision of the message that one wants to deliver in particular thanks to the storytelling.

Basic campaigns

What differentiates the most important campaigns from the least important ones? The objective and the 360° integrated approach allows following the evolution of different KPIs, to have an R.O.I. vision, and also to obtain concrete results.

Revive an underperforming product

Some brands use the 360° approach to revive the positioning of underperforming products. This is usually done because the company has not focused on marketing these products for a long time. It is then a question of revitalizing them, even bringing them back to life…

Implementing a 360° campaign

The idea of a 360-degree marketing campaign is much more than an integrated “media” marketing plan. It involves using every element of the marketing mix to communicate the specified message to the target audience.

A 360-degree campaign aims to leverage every interaction a brand has with the target audience.

Let’s say you invest in a really good campaign idea with the slogan “give him a dream vacation” but your website is nowhere to be seen when the prospect searches for the same keyword on the internet and on top of that, you don’t even have a web page specifically designed for this campaign. The prospect, frustrated, will not transform his will to buy into a concrete act. But in this case, how successful is your marketing campaign? A 360-degree marketing campaign will also focus on developing a landing page and investing in SEO for it. This will not only raise your profile but also increase your sales if the landing page leads the customer to the purchase page where vacation trips are designed specifically for couples.


360° marketing is the use of all the different marketing techniques to allow the perfect communication of the message between the company, its customers, and its future customers.

Thus, our marketing agency puts at the heart of their creative process the expectations of the company and especially of its customers, so that the marketing actions are as effective as possible.

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